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I have been doing massages since 1995 working with the WSU baseball team for 5 of those years and 6 years with the Wichita Wingnuts baseball team. I have worked with many professional athletes in my career. I have been my own boss for more years then I can count. I started making my own massage oil simply because I hate looking on the back of most massage oils and not being able to read most of the ingredients, they were so full of additives and preservatives. I like knowing exactly what I am using not just on my clients but on myself as well. I have always been into essential oils and so now I only use an all-natural massage oil that I make however I wanted something I could also use for pain for specific areas like the low back or neck. I suffer from inflammation due to hypothyroidism and weight gain which as most of you know those two things go hand in hand. Taking Epson Salts baths (magnesium) really helps reduce the ache I get in my low back and aids in sleeping better as well. That is why I have added magnesium to my formula as well as Turmeric, Arnica, Hemp, Black Pepper and several essential oils that work well in aiding the relief of inflammation. 

The Product Detail


Magnesium provides many healthful benefits including support for muscle relaxation and healthy contraction, stress relief, skin health, restful sleep, healthy blood pressure, bone and tooth health and more, and some experts say magnesium may be absorbed quickly and efficiently through the skin. 

Hemp Oil- 

Hemp oil, the major factors that make hemp oil beneficial are its contents of anti-oxidants, essential fatty acids and anti-inflammatory properties. All of these contents have medical value to fight several diseases. The medical benefits include: The GLA content or Gamma Linoleic Acid prevents inflammation. Moreover, hemp oil does not induce psychoactivity despite being extracted from the hemp or marijuana plant. This is because it does not contain the THC compound that is responsible for this effect.

Note from the Hemp Oil Manufacturer:   

Note: Virgin Cannabis Sativa Hemp oil - Cold Pressed Seed Oil – Our Hemp Oil is regulated to contain no levels of THC as per the legal limits of the State of Idaho. Our Premium Hemp Oil is also tested and contains no levels of THC.


Early research shows that using an arnica oil twice daily for 3 weeks reduces pain and stiffness and improves function in people with osteoarthritis in the hand or knee. Other research shows that using the same gel works as well as the painkiller ibuprofen in reducing pain and improving function in the hands.

Turmeric and Black Pepper-

Turmeric and black pepper each have health benefits, due to the compounds curcumin and piperine. As piperine enhances curcumin absorption in the body by up to 2,000%, combining the spices magnifies their effects. They may reduce inflammation. 


Research has shown that turmeric extract can help alleviate pain and improve function in people with osteoarthritis of the knee. There’s also preliminary evidence that curcumin may help reduce joint pain and swelling in people with rheumatoid arthritis.

Black Pepper- 

Because black pepper is a carminative, it discourages intestinal gas from forming, and as a bonus, the outer layer of the peppercorn aids in the break-down of fat cells. It warms the body so it promotes sweating, which helps rid the body of toxins. Black pepper contains essential oils like piperine, an ammonia-derived alkaloid, which gives pepper its bold character and heat, as well as the monoterpenes sabinene, pinene, terpenene, limonene, and mercene, which give this spice its aromatic qualities. All combined, these oils in aromatherapy can help in easing aching muscles, chilblains, and arthritis, and have curative properties for constipation and sluggish digestion.


Ginger has been used for centuries to reduce inflammation and treat inflammatory conditions. A study published in Cancer Prevention Research journal reported that ginger supplements, which are available to buy online, reduced the risk of colorectal cancer developing in the bowel of 20 volunteers. Ginger has also been found to be "modestly efficacious and reasonably safe" for treating inflammation associated with osteoarthritis.

Coconut Oil - 

Because coconut oil and its components may help reduce inflammation in the body, it may also aid in the treatment of acne. Furthermore, the antibacterial properties of the medium-chain fatty acids in coconut oil could also help reduce acne.

Other Ingredients-

Jojoba, Grape Seed, Tea Tree, Peppermint, Lemon, Eucalyptus, Copaiba,  Lavender and Frankincense.

Product Benefits

Natural Pain Relief


Our product is made from all-natural ingredients. Too many people try to address their chronic pain with medications and additive drugs, leading to long term issues that could effect their personal lives and work performance.  Natural ingredients can be used anywhere, anytime without the smell  that medication creams leave; our 8 essential oils has a very pleasant fragrance as if you just received a professional massage.

Inflammation Reducing


  What is inflammation?

Inflammation is the swelling and reddening of body tissues caused by the body’s immune system reacting to injury or infection. It is a common medical condition and affects many people. In fact, nearly everyone experiences some form of inflammation at one time or another. This condition affects different parts of the body depending on what triggers it. For instance, inflammation of the leg, arm or spine joints is, in most cases, caused by arthritis. This is a condition that comes about when tissues surrounding the joints are torn by friction of bare bones moving over each other. Usually, there is a soft tissue called cartilage that cushions the joints and the surrounding tissues from this friction, but this wears out with age. Therefore, most victims of arthritis are those of advanced age. Other areas in which inflammations commonly occur in the body include the bladder, skin, bronchi and ears. These are caused by the body’s reaction to either infections or trauma and affect people of all ages. Even with all the pain it brings, inflammation in itself is not a bad thing. It is a necessary natural self-healing process the body undergoes. In fact, experts discourage its complete elimination.

Unfortunately, due to the nature of the trigger causes, some inflammations never heal and become part of a patient’s life. Inflammation caused by arthritis and other bone and joint conditions falls into this category.

Get Back to Enjoying Life


Having lived with chronic pain myself, I can testify that the benefits of using ReliefEZ has restored  enjoyment to my personal life with reduced pain. Others have also benefited from using ReliefEZ and have left testimonies below. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with this product , we will refund your money  with our money back guarantee. Simply return the unused portion of the product to receive a refund.


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Customer Feedback

Walt Cibulski - Business Owner

I am the Owner of Anything Heat & Air. I have been using ReliefEZ for a week now after a fall at work and have felt no pain.

Oscar Thomasson - Sheriff Sergeant Retired

For the last 4 years I've been dealing with muscle and joint pain in the aftermath of an automobile accident. The pain had nearly immobilized me and I needed relief. Over the counter pain killers were little help.

Fortunately I was introduced to ReliefEZ by a friend and it worked wonders. After rubbing ReliefEZ on the affected areas relief came in minutes.

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