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Life Coaching With Jeannie

How My Experiances Can Help You

 I became a Life Coach for several reasons, with many tragedies I have faced in my life has helped me become who I am today. I feel stronger in my mind and spirit because of the things I have faced and feel as if I can help others see beyond their circumstance and find hope in a future that they can achieve; any dream is not far from your reach if you have the right tools. So many times we deal with the obstacles before us and they a lot of times look daunting. We can feel overwhelmed and have no idea where to begin in achieving our dreams. I love the saying “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change but give me the courage to change the things that I can”.  I know you are thinking that is well and good but where do I start? It starts with coming up with a vision for what you want to achieve, to look past the past and see yourself achieving that dream you have. Nothing is impossible but everything takes steps. Things cannot happen instantly but through small changes toward a goal, staying consistent you will see yourself moving forward. As a life coach I will help you with your vision statement and help you come up with a plan to achieve the dream you have. 

A little about me, I grew up in a large family, the baby. I always felt a bit forgotten and I grew up very lonely. We moved every year and I had a hard time making friends simply because I always moved. It was hard but as I grew up I realized that, those experiences helped me become very adaptable to change. It helped me to have an amazing creative mind because many times I was my only best friend. I got married very young at the age of 18, started having children right away and by the time I was 27 I had four children and had became a widow. Let me back up some, my life between 18 and 27 was very difficult because my husband was very abusive. My children and I lived in fear a lot of the time. My faith in God is what gave me strength and sustained me during those very difficult years. In 1989 my husband was killed in a car accident a week before Christmas leaving me with 4 young children ranging in ages from 7 to 6-month-old. That was scary because I had no idea how to do the simplest things like fixing things in the house when they fell apart or anything to do with the bank or money. My husband was very controlling and did not want me to know those things. I had to learn to become very self-sufficient. I did remarry but that was not a good situation either, I did however have my fifth child and for that I will always be grateful.  Because my first husband was so controlling, I was never allowed to learn any kind of trade, all I knew was raising babies, cleaning house and cooking. I loved to sing and so I started singing the National Anthem professionally and sang with the Royals in Kansas City for 5 years, all in all I did that for about 15 years. My daughter Grace was the one that suggested I become a Massage Therapist so when my youngest daughter was in Kindergarten, I started studying everything I could about massage therapy, started working at a Chiropractors office and apprenticed with a master massage therapist who had been in the business for 30 years. I took many classes and courses to become the massage therapist I am today. My marriage unfortunately did not last, and I ended up moving to Colorado where I met my third husband. We moved back to Kansas and after being married for a year my husband got cancer and passed away in 2011. That was another very devastating time because he had let his life insurance go 6 months before he died leaving me with nothing but debt and no where to go, I was forced to move in with my youngest daughter until I could afford to stand on my own. Many times, I would sit and cry and feel sorry for myself and again without my faith in God to give me strength I believe things would have been even harder. With a determination of mind, I continued forward then I met my husband I have now, I remarried in 2017 and I also during that time became a life coach, however tragedy struck again in 2018 where my son overdosed. He had battled a heroin addiction for a long time. The stress of trying to help my son through that was very hard on the whole family. Dealing with his passing has been one of the hardest things I have had to deal with. 

With all that being said, now you are aware I have been through many experiences and feel I have a good grasp on many issues. I say all this to let you know that I can empathize and have compassion for what ever you may be going through. We can do this together, you are not alone.

Contact me and we will work together to overcome any issues and obstacles that are challenging you.

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