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I have been doing massages for a long time, being a mother and having five kids I started massaging little legs long before I was an actual therapist. I started working for a Chiropractor back in 1995, learning everything I could about the skeletal and soft tissue aspects of the body, devouring every book and VHS tapes I could find. 

I started working as an apprentice for as man that had been doing massages for 25 years, my mentor Dick Ryan. I also studied under Ralph Stephens who at the time was one of the Olympic Sports massage therapist, I feel blessed to have learned so much from these two men.

I got into Sports massage purely by accident or fate however you want to see it. I have sung the National Anthem professionally for 15 years and that is how I met Gene Stephenson, The head coach for WSU baseball I worked with the team from 1995-2000. 

I then went off on my own building and growing my business until I moved to Pagosa Springs Colorado where I continued my business. I moved back to Wichita Kansas to be closer to my family and worked for several different massage organizations until I opened my own salon and spa called Rumors in Augusta Kansas. My husband passed away with cancer and I had to let that business go but continued working and then I started working with the Wichita Wingnuts, an independent semi pro baseball team. I did that until 2016 With my mother so sick and needing me close by and also having a hysterectomy I chose to cut back and move my practice to my own studio. 

I love what I do and thank God every day for the blessings he has shown me, I would not be who I am or get through some very rough times without God in my life. I like to say that My gift is being very intuitive in my approach when working on clients. Each person is different and has different issues that need to be addressed. Someone may come in and need deep tissue in their low back but gentle on the neck with more stretching or cranial work. They also may need some energy work in which I call a more spiritual approach. My gifts come from God not from me and not from anywhere else, I am just a vessel for God to work through in helping others find relief in mind, body and spirit. My modalities are Deep tissue work, Cranial sacral and trigger point, I also use cupping (when requested) as well as using essential oils to aid in mind, body and spirit release.

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